2015, the first year of my “adult” life. This year I will begin my first full time job with Pete the Planner. I will move out of my parents house. I’m going to leave the United States for the first time on a month-long backpacking trip around Europe with my beautiful girlfriend. There are going to be a lot of changes going on this year. I’m psyched. A bit freaked out at all the change coming, but mostly psyched.

I began writing this post in November after I read “33 Things I’ve Never Told You” by Corbett Barr over at Fizzle. I highly recommend heading over their way. The guys at Fizzle are doing some crazy and awesome stuff, I’ve read their blog and listened to their podcast for about six months now. Corbett’s post was about reintroducing yourself and finding your voice in your writing. He started by telling his readers 33 things we did not know about him before. I really like that idea, but I’m going to take a bit of a different spin on it.

I have goals and projects I want to complete in 2015. I’m going to list them below. Not only for accountability purposes, but also to show a little bit about myself in the process. Also, this list is personal goals. I have a bunch of work specific goals I’m setting, but for the sake of this post it’s personal.

1. Write a novel. I completed my first large writing project in Step Up And Stand Out this year. While it could be considered a complete flop success wise, I am happy I wrote it and got the experience. I’ve dabbled a small amount in creative writing before, but never really dove in head first. This will be the year I do so. As far as genre goes I still haven’t decided. I’ve thrown around everything from a WWII based novel, fantasy (think Game of Thrones), science fiction, western, and steampunk. We’ll see what catches my eye but it will probably morph over time. I may not finish this year but its part of my commitment to write more. I’m starting that commitment with this post, which is part of the #My500Words challenge from Jeff Goins. For the next 31 days I will write 500 words a day. Sometimes it will be posted on this blog, sometimes it will be for myself. But next month I will have written at minimum 15,500 words.

2. Start a podcast or video channel. I’ve enjoyed speaking ever since I was the color commentator for Carmel High School football games on our student radio station. My first career desire was to be a play-by-play announcer on ESPN (classic). But even though I may not be in the sports broadcasting world anymore, I still enjoy speaking and communication. It forces you to pull out all the concepts mashed in your head and make them understandable and clear. Plus I’ve had a great time podcasting with the IU MoneySmarts team also. I’m not sure what it will be about yet. Most likely something to do with my work and entrepreneurship. But we’ll see! Either way, I know I will at least start one.

3. Build something with my hands. Literally. As in out of wood. My dad has always been a handyman. The dude can fix ANYTHING. I would venture to bet he has saved our family in the range of six figures on services and parts through all the projects he has completed. So he definitely serves as the inspiration for this. I’ve been throwing around ideas in my head for what this will be. I’ve thought about a multi-functional desk for work. Something portable and extremely customized to my needs. That is my idea right now, but I’m still on the lookout for another idea. The key is for it to be something I’ll actually use. If you have an idea then run it by me, I’m always open to suggestions.

4. Read 20 books. I got five books for Christmas. My reading list is growing exponentially and I did a horrendous job of reading in 2014. Pretty pissed about that. I’ve already begun this one, I have 30 pages left in “Never Eat Alone” by Keith Ferrazzi. I’ll have a blog up on it for my Currently Reading series. You can expect a lot more blogs in that department this year then. It won’t be all business books either, I’m going to write about everything I read. I got “Pale Blue Dot” by Carl Sagan from my older sister. My mind is ready to be shredded by all of the space awesomeness in that one.

5. Bring IU Lacrosse back to nationals. I made it one of my 2014 goals to bring IU Lacrosse to our first ever national tournament. Mission accomplished. This will be my final year of competitive lacrosse, so I want to end it with my boys in Orange County eating appalling amounts of Chronic Taco and In-N-Out. We had a great time last year, and I’m planning on going back.

6. Create a lifestyle to pay off my student loans in a maximum of three years. I’m setting an aggressive goal to get rid of my student loans. I just don’t want to deal with them, so I’m getting rid of them. Simple. Tough, but simple.

Six goals for now, but if I complete all those it will no doubt be a stellar year. Oh and did I mention I’m headed to Europe for a month after graduation? Slightly excited about that one. This post is both for me to legitimize my goals for this year and to keep me accountable. Now that its in the open, if I fail on one you can call me out on it.

I’ll tell you what, if I don’t complete all of these goals (with proof) by December 31, 2015 and you call me out, I’ll buy you a bottle of my favorite Four Roses Small Batch bourbon. I’m limiting this to first person to call me out because I’m not trying to go broke. For me it’s a fun way to have something at stake. Plus if I do fail, I get to share my favorite bourbon with someone. If you want to put your goals on paper (or screen) and wage something on it, do it and share it with me. I’ll append this post with a link to anyone who joins and what they put on the line. Could be a good way to keep each other accountable and have some fun.

Cheers to 2015 folks. It’s gonna get weird out there.

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January 7, 2015


Great goals! I am also going to make a conscious effort to read more. One thing I wish I would have done is live at home for a year after getting a job. That will definitely help toward paying off those student loans. Just a thought.

Great point. I’ll be living at home for at least a couple months to save money, but I’ll be on my own by the end of the year.

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