Justin Jackson is a maker. He has created products, communities, podcasts, and much more over his career. He is also one of the inspirations behind getting The Plunge Podcast started. I’ve wanted to have Justin on the show since the start and I’m pumped that day is finally here. This conversation was all about making things. Whether you are a developer, writer, photographer, videographer, CEO, if you want to make things this episode is for you. We talk about the process of making things, and his goal of making 100 things this year with his newest project MegaMaker. We talk about the fear of getting started and shipping, about trolls and self-doubt, and about finding that one thing you are passionate about. It’s a wide ranging conversation under the umbrella of the maker, and its one of my favorite topics.

Justin’s project MegaMaker has changed since we spoke. Listen in for details on how his project has changed and what it shows about making things for an audience. It’s a perfect example to complete the conversation.

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“There’s other reasons that people purchase and enjoy products. Some of those are emotional.”

“People instantly want to go from 0 to 100 kmh. Start small, and start something today.”

“Put the blinders on and keep going”

“People who ship will always beat people who don’t ship.”

“Most trolls on the internet are people who have never made anything in their life”

“There’s no rules about who can create things and who can’t”

“Start making your own stuff. Over time you will find your own voice and what unique perspective you can bring to the world. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.”

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August 29, 2016

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