I’m trying something new today. An idea for a blog post came to me through an experience I had at school the other day. I wrote a quick outline of the event to make sure I remembered the details, and planned to write the post sometime this week.

However, I recently came across the Build & Launch podcast by Justin Jackson. The podcast is about creating small products and shipping them. He builds and sells a product every single week, a very cool concept. I began listening to the show and quickly got to episode two, which changed my thinking for this post. In that episode, Justin discusses starting a podcast and more specifically recording it. He recommended to stop putting it off, to take out your iPhone, pick a topic, and record a 5-10 minute voice memo on a topic you are considering making the subject of your podcast.

So I did. I wrote a quick outline, which I am including (unedited) below for your reference, and I recorded. Instead of wasting time thinking about the name I called it the first thing that came to my head: The AREcast. In the end I recorded two versions of the episode and chose my favorite, which is what you’ll hear here. The sound quality isn’t fantastic, there are a few minutes with scratching in the middle, but I was using the Apple headphones + mic to record and it rubbed against my sweatshirt as I spoke. Overall, I was actually pleased with the clarity the mic provided.

I hope you enjoy it and get something out of it! If you do, let me know by commenting, emailing, or shoot me a tweet! Thanks again to Justin from Build & Launch for the inspiration.

AREcast Ep. 1 – How to Give and Receive Feedback

AREcast intro – purpose of show.

Story about feedback experience at school. Discuss my feelings during and reactions to situation.

How to ask for feedback

How to receive feedback

Again, let me know if you enjoy the audio format! Check out Justin’s podcast, and let me know if you launch anything in response. Cheers!

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February 26, 2015

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