When I was a kid one of my dream jobs was to be a sports broadcaster. I had dreams of ESPN, SportsCenter, and being the voice behind sports most exciting moments. I carried this dream through high school, where I was on staff at the school radio station. I broadcast basketball and football for two years, before joining the football team senior year (a different story for a different time). Senior year was the end of my sports broadcasting pursuit. I never really picked it back up, but I’ve always had a deep appreciation for broadcasters and audio in general.

In college, my interest in audio switched gears towards podcasts. College was when I got interested in business and entrepreneurship, and so I dove into shows like Smart Passive Income, The Tim Ferriss Show, and The Fizzle Show. I’ve been a huge fan of the medium for many years now. Looking back to high school we actually used to listen to and analyze podcasts in class. Who would’ve known it would blow up like it has.

All of this background leads me to now. In the back of my mind, I was always interested in starting my own show, but never really had an idea or the gumption to do so. Until now.

I’m happy to introduce: The Plunge Podcast with Alex Eaton

The show will be an opportunity to discuss the many sides of post-grad life including career, lifestyle, and more. Business and entrepreneurship are my background and career path, so these will be a big part of the show. But it won’t be limited to this. Like my newsletter, I’m keeping this show open-ended to discussing all aspects of post-grad life. The struggles, opportunities, successes, perspectives, and situations. There is a lot to cover, and this show will give me an opportunity to dive in. Initially the format will be a monologue, but I have ideas in mind for future interviews and alternate episodes.

It’s called The Plunge Podcast, because that is exactly what it feels like after you graduate. We’ve plunged into real life without much time to take a breath, and things are completely different.

I’m looking forward to what this show turns into, as well as connecting with anyone who decides to listen. This is very much a passion project for me, considering how much I enjoy the medium.

Episodes will begin to be released shortly. You can find them here or on iTunes once it gets approved.

Let’s see where this goes.

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December 10, 2015

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