Welcome to the first episode of The Plunge Podcast! It’s been a long and interesting journey to get to this point, and I’m glad we’ve finally arrived. I’ve been fascinated with the world of podcasting and audio since high school, and I feel like everything is coming full circle now. If you are wondering what this is or what I’m talking about, check out the intro post for more information. I’ve co-hosted podcasts before, but this is my first solo venture.

There are show notes, links, and a description of the show below. Without further ado…

In this first episode we cover:

Things mentioned in this episode:

What is The Plunge Podcast?

The Plunge Podcast is a place to discuss life after college. In both career and lifestyle, things are much different once you graduate or leave home. This podcast is a place to dive in and discuss these changes and how to get where you are going (or figure out where you want to go). Often we don’t have time to take a deep breath before the plunge into real life. In this show, host Alex Eaton takes a step back to discuss everything from business and career growth to travel and much more.

Thanks for tuning in! Comment with any thoughts or feedback from the episode below, I look forward to hearing what you think of the show. You can expect new episodes every 1-2 weeks.

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December 12, 2015

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