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How James Dant is Outfitting the Modern Gentleman (TP15)

Tommy Dant became interested in style when he was 13 years old. It began as an interest, something to do with friends, but it stuck with him through college and to now with the creation of James Dant – A Store for Men. Lately I’ve been fascinated by physical products and services. I’m constantly surrounded by software in my work and day-to-day life, so exploring the worlds of coffee, whiskey, and now men’s style has been a great way to unplug per say and dive into something new. Tommy has made James Dant into the destination for high quality men’s clothing, grooming, and lifestyle goods in Indianapolis. The store bleeds his own style philosophy and lifestyle, something which he is adamant about.

In this episode we dive into how James Dant got started, what made him interested in style and his philosophy on it, and tips for anyone interested in getting serious about their personal style. If you’re in Indy stop by the store in Irvington or check out their brand new website at JamesDant.com.

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Show Notes

  • How the name “James Dant” came to be.
  • When Tommy got into men’s style at 13
  • Tommy’s favorite store when he was younger
  • Thrifting as “the ultimate quest”
  • How an entrepreneur degree led to James Dant
  • What does men’s style mean to Tommy, and what is the purpose of men’s style in his eyes
  • How Tommy projects himself through the store
    • He lives the lifestyle the store exudes
    • Refuses to put a product in the store that will only make money or doesn’t fit his values
  • The importance of expertise and subjective tastes in products

“The reason its working is I truly believe in it”

  • Why Indianapolis, and the men’s style situation in the city

“If I would’ve done this even 5 years ago, it wouldn’t have latched on the way it did”

“We are pushing something that can be pretentious”

  • The balance between a strong style opinion and avoiding pretentiousness
  • Tommy’s Style icons
  • How Tommy raised capital for the store
  • Recommendations for the college student interested in fashion, but can’t afford high quality
    • Thrifting
    • Don’t feel bad investing in a product you’ll use for a long time
  • Find an everyday pair of pants and boots, then branch out
  • Earth tones are important to start out
  • What is next for James Dant

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