We’ve been bred for comparison. From playing sports when we were younger, to comparing what college you got into, grades, internships, and jobs after college. It only gets worse after that. The phrase “keeping up with the Joneses” is (or was?) popular for a reason.

So in episode 8 I dive into this topic. Is it possible to not compare yourself to others? If so, how? I struggle with this every day as I’m sure you do too. What can we do to cut down on it?

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Show notes and links

  • Comparing yourself to others is the ultimate mistake
  • Money isn’t the true north
    • If you make $100,000, someone making $200k will be happier than you. At the same time, someone making $20k out there is happier than you too.
  • Cliche answers like “focus on you and find what makes you happy” don’t help a lot of the time.
    • How someone follows up the cliche statement is where you’ll find value or not.

Comparison and happiness have an inverse relationship

  • It’s never been easier to compare yourself to others. Whether it be through Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, we are being fed the highlights of people’s lives, which pushes the comparison problem forward.
  • We’ve been bred for comparison.
    • Is this the same for countries outside the US? Is it as bad?
  • How Do You Measure Your Life? – MarkManson.net
    • Dave Mustaine, Founder of Megadeth, Seller of millions of records, admitted he still feels like a failure.
    • Why? Because he got kicked out of Metallica, arguably the most successful metal band of all-time. His goal from the beginning was to make Metallica regret dropping him, and because Metallica was so successful his personal success with Megadeth didn’t matter.
    • From the outside perspective it seems absurd he would be upset or consider himself a failure. But all of us do the same thing every day.
  • I’m honestly not sure how to fix it. The generic answer is don’t care, focus on you. Find what makes you happy and pursue that. And if you can do that, then all the power to you. But for the rest of us who still struggle, I haven’t quite found a way to make this work for me yet.
  • If you have a tactic or strategy that helps you, what is it? Comment below.
    • Does telling yourself to simply not care work?

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