It’s been almost two weeks since I moved in with my girlfriend Jade. We’re living the exciting post-grad life in downtown Indianapolis after 6 months at home with our respective parents.

We were excited to move in, obviously. But as you may have thought reading that first sentence, there is always more that goes into it than just excitement. There are nerves about moving in with someone, people warning you about the arguments. The inevitable clashes of preference and perspective.

The biggest issues always end up being the small things. The things you never even thought about before, but for some reason end up pissing you off.

For example, Jade doesn’t use sponges. As in kitchen sponges. She uses wash clothes to clean dishes. For the first time in my life, there is not a sponge in my kitchen. Seems like something completely irrelevant right? Except for some reason it really made me mad. Every time I had to work harder with a wash cloth instead of using the scrubber part of a sponge, I got mad.

Here’s the thing though, both Jade and I survived perfectly fine for our whole lives so far using our chosen tools for dish cleaning. The only reason I got mad was because it’s different from what I knew.

There is always another way of doing something

No matter what it is. A different way to write this post. A different way to clean dishes. A different way to monetize your business.

It isn’t your way or the highway… because there are tons of highways that all lead to the same place.

So maybe instead of being stubborn, you should consider someone else’s point of view. Take a step outside of yourself and look more objectively at why you think you’re right.

There is always another way.

February 17, 2016

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