This week on The Plunge Podcast, the first interview episode! I’m excited to bring long-time friend Scott Stewart on the show to discuss a wide range of topics. From finding a job after school, to social media, writing and broadcasting, luck in your career, and more. Scott has a fascinating story. He started writing for a Liverpool FC fan-site at age 16, and has turned that first experience into the beginnings of a career.

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Show Notes and Quotes

  • Finding a gig post-grad
    • Turning an internship into a job
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Developing a personality in Social media
    • Never see it as a place to post bland information
    • You have to find a way to make your content engaging, why does it matter to your audience
  • Scott’s Liverpool Twitter account vs. personal account
  • Scott’s job search
    • “I knew I was never going to make millions, but thats always been a compromise for me because I also knew what I was going to do would matter to me”
  • Twitter trolling
    • “Twitter is ruthless”
    • “Now I know the most important thing to do is admit when you are wrong”
    • “Trolls are trolls, they will always exist, you can embrace them or ignore them”
  • His writing career
    • Started writing for a fan-site “Empire of the Kop” at 16 years old
    • Learning to accept criticism and brush things off
    • Came to him with his first samples – he hadn’t even written for fun before!
  • How did he choose writing
    • “Ignorant confidence”
    • “It makes a big difference when you realize what you had starting out as a passion is developing into something you can do long-term”
    • You really do see the progress you made, especially over a long period of time.
    • Fake it till you make it is very real
  • 5 years – Time between first piece for Empire of the Kop and first paid piece
    • Couple pieces a month in that time, various lengths
  • Creating a cycle of weaknesses to strengths
    • Make old weaknesses strengths, so old strengths become new weaknesses, and then repeat the cycle again
  • Thoughts on the college experience
  • Writing tips
    • Write and read as much as possible
    • 90% of the books Scott reads are not sports related
    • Investment he’s put in – that whole 10,000 hour rule definitely seems accurate.
  • It’s not hard to see through you if you aren’t doing something for the right reasons. Always pour yourself 100% into what you do.
  • Your life and career is a tree
    • “Start at the root, find your branch”
  • Embrace the weird
    • Be comfortable with who you are
    • You’ll be bland if you don’t
    • Maintain your persona and create storylines
  • The role of luck in a career
    • “Sometimes luck happens, sometimes hard work happens”
    • Direct correlation between how hard you work and how lucky you are
  • The importance of preparation can never be understated
  • 20 hours of preparation for a single game broadcast
  • The small details matter
  • “Try and not place so much on the tangibles… learn to love yourself and love what you do.”

Where you can find Scott

People/Links Mentioned

Gary Vaynerchuk
Storycraft by Jack Hart
Every Day I Fight by Stuart Scott
How To Write A Sentence by Stanley Fish
Ira Glass
Startup Podcast

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