Curt Pittman is a filmmaker turned vlogger, who also happens to be a close friend. He came by for a chat on The Plunge Podcast to discuss vlogging, movies, creating films, and his journey to becoming a full-time filmmaker.

If you have an interest in video, or in creating things in general then this podcast is for you. We go very deep on multiple angles of the video world whether it be vlogs, movies, equipment, getting started, or other topics. I really enjoyed the conversation and I hope you do to.

On another note, I’ve migrated hosting for The Plunge Podcast to Simplecast! They have a great interface and I’ll be able to do some cool things with the show beyond hosting. For now, it will just change the audio player on these posts. If you subscribe on iTunes (you should) nothing will change, the show is still available on all your favorite podcasting apps.

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Show Notes

Curt’s YouTube Channel

Twitter: @PittyCPittyDo

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February 24, 2016

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