What I’m doing now:

I’m living in Boulder, CO with my wife Jade spending most of my time working on the marketing team at Lessonly, reading and writing, or outside.

I enjoy writing on all manner of subjects, but lately my interests have focused on the outdoors and exploring short stories. You can read some of my work here or subscribe to my newsletter for more.

Reading is a big part of my life. Most recently, I finished Martin Eden by Jack London. Living in Boulder has brought with it a focus on outdoor and adventure writing, so I’m also reading a lot of Hemingway’s short stories. Next on the list are some of John Muir’s writings.

Photography has also become a favorite hobby of mine. Lately, I’ve been enjoying messing around with a new 50mm prime lens. The front range provides endless opportunity to improve.

If you want to connect I’m always up for a coffee or beer. Hit me up – alexreaton@gmail.com

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers. It was last updated in June 2017.