Welcome to Stillnotes, my photography newsletter.

Stillnotes started simply, born out of my dying love for Instagram. One image a week, little context. As Instagram moved away from photography so did my desire to put more effort into it as the ‘place my photography goes’. A newsletter gives space to look at a photo, no scrolling, a little bit more time, a nice container and way to share my ongoing work. Like most photographers my backlog is years deep, favorite images never seeing the light of day. So often we just need a distribution method for our images and since I love newsletters, Stillnotes was born.

I’ve described Stillnotes as “notes on a photographic life“. In each issue you may find:

  • Images, always!
  • Essays about the images, the stories behind them, the ideas they hold.
  • Technical discussion of images and image-getting, less how-to and more “here’s why I wanted it to look this way.”

Photography is not just a hobby, it’s a way to see and interact with the world around you. Stillnotes is documentation of that.

You might enjoy Stillnotes if you’re a photographer who enjoys digging a little deeper, if photo essays are your thing, or if you’re someone who wants to see life more creatively—whether through photography or otherwise. You don’t have to be a serious photographer to see life a little differently, and I hope Stillnotes helps you do that.

Stillnotes is a way to escape the constant scroll and doldrum of Instagram, to spend some slow time with images and words, and to have a place to think about and discuss life through the lens. It’s free. Thanks for reading!

Want to read before you subscribe? Here are a few of my favorite Stillnotes: