Rambler was a newsletter documenting life on the road. In August 2021 I sold any possession that wouldn’t fit in my Ford Escape, packed up the rest and along with my pup Scout, and set out across the American west. What was supposed to be five months turned into a year and a half of travel stories, photo essays, and mountaintop missives.

In December 2022 I ended Rambler with a pop-up newsletter sharing a six day road trip from northern Washington to southern California along the PCH.

Now, I’m working on my first book from the experiences I had during Rambler. I’m documenting that process on my blog, subscribe below to follow along and receive my other writing and photography.

Rambler Archive

I'm working on publishing all issues of Rambler here over the course of 2023.

Rambler 07 — Traveling with Steinbeck

Rambler 06 — Creating travel rules

Rambler 05 — Stuck in an oil town

Rambler 04 — Grand romance, sightseeing, *good* photos

Rambler 03 — There’s always a tree

Rambler 02 — Five months on the road

Rambler 01 — Phases of Life