I’m a Writer. Photographer. Outdoorsman. Among other random things.

I focus on landscape, adventure, and travel photography.

I write a mixture of essays, how-tos, and more related to my travels, photography, art, and my adventures in the outdoors. My writing and photos have been featured in Field Mag, Wildland Trekking, and 303 Magazine.

Currently I’m focused on two main newsletters:

Rambler, my newsletter chronicling over a year spent on the road traveling the American west. Telling stories and sharing images, typically sends once or twice a month. The newsletter will continue through October 2022. You can subscribe here or read the archive.

Stillnotes, my weekly photography newsletter, shares one image with an accompanying description every Thursday. It’s my way to share work consistently and sustainably, in a low commitment way for readers who want to spend some time with a photo without all the mind-hacking and scrolling. I’ll share the story behind the image, technical how-tos, and more digging into the art of photography. Subscribe here.

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