I’m Alex, a writer and photographer based in the rocky mountains of Colorado.

My photography focuses on landscape, travel, and adventure. My writing is often similar. I’ve been featured in Field Mag, Wildland Trekking, and 303 Magazine.

I’m a big proponent of photo newsletters and run one of my own called Stillnotes. In it I share one image every Thursday. It’s my way to share work consistently and sustainably, in a low commitment way for readers who want to spend some time with a photo without all the mind-hacking and scrolling. I’ll share the story behind the image, technical how-tos, and more digging into the art of photography. Learn more here.

I wrapped up Rambler, my newsletter documenting a year and a half spent on the road traveling the American west, at the end of 2022.

Here’s what I’m currently working on:

  • My first photo book. The book is the culmination of my work on Rambler. I’m also working on a blog series documenting the process of creating the book.
  • Stillnotes — My photo newsletter.
  • Essays related to photography, travel, outdoor adventure, and creativity.
  • Photo galleries from: Lofoten Islands, Norway. Oaxaca, Mexico. Moab, Utah.

All of my work is available or will be documented here. Subscribing below is the best way to follow along.

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