Music is a core part of my life and I spend a lot of time curating my playlists for different moods, moments, and uses. I’m sharing the love here in case they can be a soundtrack for you too.

My playlist philosophy is you should be able to simply hit shuffle and let it ride. Listening to my playlists straight through is like drinking whiskey for breakfast, in certain situations it’s the right decision, but most of the time you should avoid it. I’ll let you know when the time is right.

Last Updated: August 8, 2021

Camping. My best playlist right now. Fitting for sleeping in the woods with friends, morning coffee at home, or summer in general.

Summer 2.1. I make a new summer playlist every year. This years isn’t quite in peak form yet, but it’s close. It’s generally a bit more uptempo than Camping, with more electronic music and energy.

Deep House. I should rename this thing HAL, because it’s basically sentient at this point. More a personal history than a playlist at almost 1,000 songs. Scroll through this top to bottom and you’ll get a good idea of my journey through electronic music over the past several years. Too big for it’s own good at this point, but if you’re curious about different styles of house, melodic techno, and progressive electronic music you’ll discover a lot here, don’t let the title fool you.

i still go fast. Trail running is my escape and i still go fast is my guide. The second iteration of my running playlist (i go fast being the first of the line). Possibly the most important playlist I make, there are few better feelings on this planet than the right song hitting on a run in the mountains. I’ve kicked up the pace, gobbled up hills, and been brought to tears on ridgelines thanks to this one.

Trampled by Bluegrass. I’ve loved bluegrass since my older sister showed me “Whiskey” by Trampled by Turtles way back in the day. A nice little collection mainly filled with a few of my favorite bands, I’ll admit I’m not super knowledgable overall here but if you’re not a bluegrass snob you’ll dig it.

My mom grounded me. When MOM AND DAD JUST DIDN’T GET IT!!

Mariana Trench. For going deep. Dark. Techno. Godspeed.

yup. yup.

solo camp night. For ethereal quiet nights alone outside when you want to feel something or need to get some hard thinking done.

New! Mesa Mornings. A newcomer to the lineup, inspired by quiet mornings at the picnic table under the backyard tree looking north at the La Platas.

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