Noelle is a contemporary landscape painter based in Denver. I was first drawn to her work through her eclectic use of color and mixture of natural and man-made forms on one canvas. So when I learned she was opening a brand new working studio called Blackbrush Studios Nate and I reached out to document her in her new space. I focused on stills while Nate shot a cinematic video portrait.

Blackbrush is a bright, open space with multiple stations for painting, a kitchen and couch area for entertaining, and back room for framing, prepping prints for shipping, and storage. Talenti gelato pints are strewn all over, but not for snacking, Noelle uses them as paint holders. A win-win if I’ve ever heard of one.

Noelle’s snack-sized assistant Fergus can also be seen around the studio, an intimidating force eyeing all who visit.

Thanks to Noelle for welcoming us for this project. Check out her work on her website, Instagram, or pick up a print on Etsy.

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