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Art for Art’s Sake

I saw a post on Twitter from photographer Forrest Mankins that got me thinking.

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A Weekend at Turkey Run

With one month remaining before our wedding, Jade and I decided to take one final camping trip.

Rain kept us out of southern Indiana, home to my favorite state parks in the state including Brown County, Clifty Falls, and others. … Read more

Falls City

The urbanite millennial must acclimate to a small town. Symptoms include restlessness, boredom, and a subtle ringing in your ears. Silence brings tension instead of peace when the constant input of the digital world is suddenly shut off. Spend five … Read more

Notch the Bat

What’s your thing? You know, your one thing. Your passion.

Do you have one? Do you know what it is? What you want to spend the rest of your life doing?


It’s okay. Keep notching the bat.

Every experience … Read more

What the Eff is a Marketing Campaign?

Much of my first year in marketing has been spent building a foundational knowledge of what marketing means in the B2B SaaS space and how a marketing team operates. There are so many different strategies, channels, and tactics that it … Read more

The Best Way to Network Early in Your Career

Nothing beats a good beverage. Coffee, beer, whiskey, chocolate milk, a well placed drink can make an entire experience not only by providing delicious flavor and palette-pleasing goodness, but because they can be the enabler for great conversation and connection.… Read more

What to Do When You Feel Clueless Early in Your Career

There have been a lot of times throughout the beginning of my career where I’ve felt clueless.

Sometimes I feel like a naive child fumbling around trying to learn how to crawl. It’s all a part of being new to … Read more

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